Why integrate technology in your exhibition stands?

The sphere of exhibition stand designing is drastically changing.

In today's economy, displays have to spark sales conversations by attracting and holding the interest of potential clients during trade shows and other marketing events.

It therefore takes an experienced and innovative exhibition stand designer to make your show a definite success.

Using technology is one of the ways your show can be a profitable exhibition experience.

How can exhibition stand technology boost your presence?

Despite being a very competitive industry, there are profits to be made from trade shows. People attending events are usually in “purchase-mode”, therefore standing out from the crowd is essential.

By distinguishing your business from others through technology integration in your exhibition stand designs, you have a greater chance of standing out in the show.

There is a wealth of technology available to help you generate more sales leads without increasing your on-stand sales personnel.

For example, bespoke exhibition stands can be supplemented with augmented reality gadgets, touch screen data capture, holographs, iPads and many other smart devices and features.

If your current exhibitions don’t utilise the benefits of innovative on-stand tech, then you are missing on what your competitors are enjoying.

Why exhibition stand designs which incorporate tech are the best

They attract, amaze, and engage

The latest tech can be used to produce buzz, as your stand remains the talk of the exhibition. As if the lasting impression is not enough, the thrilling technology can also be used to collect essential visitor data.

Walls, floors and screens that are interactive help you to connect with visitors in a unique and immersive way. Location-based tools can also be used to send bespoke offers to prospective customers on their phones, therefore boosting footfall to your exhibition stand.

Links attendees and your brand

Technology such as leaderboards, apps and gamification can be used to give a richer experience. The technology can also be used as an engaging way to collect and share critical digital data.

This means that during your exhibition, the sales team can pay attention to engaging the visitors as your in-house team acts on the technology-fed information they receive.

Measure of success

To determine your return on investment, it is vital to track the success of your exhibition. This is not usually easy, especially with sales sparked by the exhibition but taking place later.

Exhibition stand design that utilises appropriate tech can help provide analytics, measure engagement and enable data capture for immediate information on and later follow-up of sales.

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