Concept Stores in London

What are concept stores?

Concept stores in London are primarily used for two reasons:

Startup retailers, that are looking to provide an experience, use concept stores to accurately convey their brand and mission. 

They prove as a testing ground for larger retailers to test new concepts and methods of displaying products.  

The common ground of both approaches is that concept stores often change regularly, sticking around for a short period of time before the concept is either rolled out into existing stores, or the retailer moves on to another location to retain the mystery surrounding their marketing.

A high profile concept store that was created a few years ago, was the new format of Argos store. This allowed Argos to change their buying process completely, removing cashiers completely and relying on customers to use technology instead. 

This is the perfect example of a concept store - basing a new method of retail store layout around a change in consumer habits and lifestyle. 


Concept Stores in London

We wanted to look at how retailers have used the premise of a concept store in London, which is renowned for having designer-focused areas that provide the freedom to experiment - just look at Boxpark and Dover Street Market. 

Providing some perspective for brands, concept stores in London can highlight emerging trends and display techniques. 


Concept Stores in London - Smug & Modern Society

These concept stores in London were two that we noticed due to their lifestyle-focused approach. A wealth of untreated materials and natural tones appear throughout the store, which make it feel all the more relatable. 

We’ve seen this approach become more prominent in recent years, with shoppers looking less for polished, glossy store displays, preferring a more authentic finish.

Although aluminium profiles aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when creating wooden finishes, new methods of powder coating allow almost any grain and colour of wood to be applied to a modular framework - giving retailers the best of both worlds. Check out our range of modular systems here.


Concept Stores in London - Goodhood

Based in Shoreditch, Goodhood have a monochrome approach to store design. Particularly within their product displays, which all remain black or white, allowing the products themselves to stand out. 

What makes this concept store in London special is their sourcing of product - offering a unique selection that you’d be pushed to find elsewhere, even in the capital. 

Particularly important in spaces like this is how lighting affects the display, which is often integrated into the system itself. We specialise in the integration of light into display systems - get in touch with our team to find out more.


Concept Stores in London - Wolf & Badger

In our previous blog, which highlighted different approached you can take when it comes to window displays, we discussed ‘shadowbox’ displays. These are particularly effective when you want customers to focus on a specific area - and one that Wolf & Badger have applied to their entire store.

By grouping products and creating pockets of space for individual items, the eye is automatically drawn to each area. 

Due to the constantly-changing range of products on display, a modular display system is incredibly important in retail design. Find out how our custom modular kits can help you keep up with the world of retail.




Concept Stores are a place for testing, and we’re the perfect partner to manufacture your displays right here in the UK, with fast turn-around times. 

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