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What do you look for when trying to find an exhibition builder? We’ve been building and designing exhibition stands for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve realised businesses often turn to an exhibition builder when they need the responsibility of managing and coordinating an event taken off of their desk.

Businesses are often left wondering what happens to their exhibition stand before and after their show. We’ll take care of that for you - whether you have a stand already built that simply needs transporting to the venue, or you’re taking advantage of our UK-based manufacturing capability, we’ll transport your stand to the venue, install it, and then store your stand once the exhibition is finished.

However, we wanted to share what happens beyond the appointment of an exhibition builder, detailing the process we go through to make your exhibition a success. 

Complete Project & Event Management

Our team will help you identify what you want to achieve by exhibiting. This gives everyone a clear indication of the objective we’re aiming towards, and will result in a more focused exhibition.

“40% of businesses that set an objective beforehand had a ‘very successful’ exhibition”

Following this, we work with clients in many different ways depending on the stage they’re at with their exhibition planning.

Exhibition stand build only

For businesses that already have an exhibition stand, such as a modular kit that simply needs assembling on site without any hassle, we will take a brief fro our client detailing their exhibition, venue, stand number and all other essential details, before contacting the organisers and completing all necessary paperwork. This includes health and safety, risk assessments and contractor information.



Exhibition stand manufacture

Often, businesses have an idea of what they want their exhibition stand to look like and have concept drawings/full designs ready to hand over for build. We have UK-based manufacturing facilities that not only allow us to build your exhibition stand incredibly quickly, but also add custom elements to your stand such as curved banners and archways.

Exhibition stand design and build

When a client knows they have to be at a particular show, but need a design and exhibition builder to make it happen, that’s where we step in. We have a huge range of modular exhibition stands to work from, allowing you to get an idea of the displays you like, before merging these ideas into a completely custom exhibition design. We find that this approach helps clients, as it’s often hard to start from scratch and know what’s possible.

After completing your design, we’ll then get in touch with the exhibition venue, taking care of all the formalities and make sure that when you arrive on Day 1, your exhibition stand looks fantastic.

Nationwide Exhibition Builders

We work with clients all over the UK create exhibitions that generate business. We cover the most popular exhibition venues, including:

If you’re looking for an exhibition builder to help with your upcoming event, feel free to get in touch with me directly on tom.sebastiano@themarketingworks.eu, or call on 01932 854 140.