Exhibition Signage – How TFS could be just the solution you need

When it comes to your exhibition signage, there are so many choices out there that can offer you the flexibility and versatility for each and every event that your company might attend. Whether you want to use a popup stand, a banner system, a tension fabric system or any other type of system that is out there, choosing the right kind of exhibition stand and signage can really make all the difference.

What is a Tension Fabric System?

A Tension Fabric System (TFS) is one that is made up of a metal framework and a fabric skin that has a graphic printed on it. The frame can be thick and chunkier to suit your requirements, or if you prefer something that is more discreet, it can be much thinner in size. Graphics for your exhibition stand are printed onto sturdy fabric. This fabric has a stitched edge, which then grips into the edges of your frame and gives it the required tension to display your graphics correctly. 


 You can display just about any type of graphics using this system thanks to its incredible versatility; everything from wall-hung, free-standing or even ceiling-hanging graphics work well. There is also no size limit at all. Because the graphics are produced directly onto the fabric, which is then stretched to fit to the frame, the result is something that is flawless, and smooth. TFS offers a very flexible and cost-effective solution too.

This system has plenty of other benefits as well. 

Due to the way in which the material attaches to the frame, there is no need for any kind of adhesive, tape or small fittings which are easily dislodged. 

If you need to transport your system from venue to venue there is no need to worry about creases either because they simply stretch out when the fabric is fitted to the frame and should you need new graphics, provided you want to use the same size frame all you need to do is sort out the artwork and have a new fabric printed ready to stretch onto your frame at your next event. Stylish, sleek results are achieved every time you use the system.

So, whether you need a small exhibition stand, a larger one or both (not forgetting TFS’ infinite modularity), this is a great system to use.

Maximum impact

The flexibility of the tension fabric systems makes it a much more versatile exhibition stand medium than others.

There really is very little that cannot be achieved with this system. If you are attending a conference or an exhibition in a hall with plenty of overhead space, and especially one where you want to stand out from your competitors, you can use the area over your stand to your advantage. 

ceiling-hung-lightboxes-3 (1).png

Using the TFS system, you could suspend a cube or a double-sided circle – a framework with the fabric on it – from the ceiling directly over your stand. People will be able to see your company name, or message, from the other side of the room and this could draw them to your stand in order to take a look at what you have to offer. 

While they are visiting your competitors stand, there is a good chance, they will be able to see this element of your stand, hanging above the rest of the room. The subliminal message will be clear – come to us, see what we have to say. And you may be surprised how effectively this message comes across.

Add some lighting

If you want to make your display even more eye-catching, then adding some lighting is a simple process. 

freestanding-large-format-fabric-display-2 (1).png

Tension Fabric Systems can be produced with the option to have LEDs integrated, so that you can illuminate your graphics. A special back-lit fabric can be used to create your printed graphics.

So, whether you want to illuminate a large area of your fabric or just a smaller area, for example, a word, or just part of a word, this is easy to achieve and can be used to draw people’s attention to any element of your stand.

With all these benefits, why not consider TFS for your next exhibition stand? You're sure to love the extra footfall it could bring.