Innovative exhibition stands – How to show your business in its best light

The world of business is changing, and with it so too is the world of exhibition stand design. More and more companies in the same field are vying for new clients, so it is no longer enough to just turn up to a conference or an exhibition with your exhibition stand and hope for the best. You need to do something a little different, something that shows your company in the best possible light. 

We as a nation are an experience economy, and that means that you will need to create a profitable exhibition experience. You have to make your exhibition stands work for you in order to grab people’s attention, attract footfall and start having those meaningful conversations if you have any hope of taking advantage of an audience that is targeted and captive.

It is important, however, that you do not fall into the trap of merely believing that having a good stand and attending an exhibition is enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t. You need to ensure that you are the company that stands out in a crowd. Whether you use the power of tech or prefer to go with the option of a truly innovative exhibition stand, there are some things you should be considering that can really help you.


When you consider your exhibition stand, the chances are you will give a great deal of consideration to the graphics that you use, your company logo, the colours and of course the message that you want to offer to potential customers. If you are planning on using the same exhibition stand at a number of different events over the course of the next few months, or even the full year then you will probably want to plan ahead so that your stand is something you can use more than once. Many exhibition stands can be made smaller by using only part of the frame and different graphics to make them more cost-effective.

One thing that you possibly won't consider is flooring, after all, you can just set up your exhibition stand at the event, on the existing floor and it should look just fine. However, as we already mentioned, when it comes to being competitive, looking fine may not be enough. Integrated flooring can bring your exhibition stand to a whole new level and can be done in such a way that the floor and walls of your stand blend almost seamlessly. Picture, for example, an exhibition stand for a travel company, the walls of the stand a stunning beach scene with palm trees and a blue ocean, an integrated flooring could be produced to appear like the sand under your feet. 

Stripes would also make a very striking background and could easily be continued to create an integrated floor, and if you wanted even carried on overhead, the effect would be somewhat mesmerising and almost certainly draw people to your stand. 

Think outside the box

exhibition standf perimeter.jpg

Almost all exhibition spaces that you hire will be a box shape, rectangular or square. Think outside the box. Your exhibition stand does not have to be a simple set of walls that fit neatly around the edges of the space, with a counter for potential clients to approach. Exhibition stands and the way in which you can use them have changed over the years and can allow you to do so much more. 

Consider an outside perimeter that requires people to step into a world created by your use of graphics and space. 

exhibition stand seating.jpg

3D tension fabric systems can be used to great effect to corner off areas of your stand in order to create a pathway that flows around your stand, giving those potential customers plenty to look at and take in. Make your exhibition stand an experience rather than just a means of passing on information. 

Seating can be a good idea as well, perhaps a couple of taller stools and a counter. If you are collecting potential customer data so that you can send them more information, then give them the opportunity to sit down while you do this. Even if you are capturing the data electronically it can still take some time, so offer a space that is pleasant to stop in for a little while and you won’t go far wrong.