Marketing ideas for events & exhibitions

Marketing ideas for events & exhibitions

Once you’ve decided to take part in an exhibition, the biggest challenge is to make the most of your investment! Often that involves a few different things, such as new product development, getting your sales team on board, and most importantly - in our opinion - marketing.

Effective marketing at each stage of your exhibition can capture attention before your show, make people remember you when they visit, and follow up with you once the exhibition is over.

We’ve put some marketing ideas for events and exhibitions together below, that give you a glimpse into how you can maximise your exposure and return on investment!

Pre show

Choose products & services that give you something to shout about!

This one is tricky. You might not be launching a new product or service, so how can you generate interest? In our experience, focus on the benefit it provides your customer. Not a feature. Not an advantage over a competitor. A benefit.

Take our exhibition stand build service for example. The fact we install across the UK is a feature. The advantage of this is you don’t need to find multiple contractors for each of your exhibitions. The benefit of that is you have more time to plan your exhibition, with less logistics to worry about.

Online advertising provides you with a great method of getting in front of people attending your exhibition, at a relatively low cost. Often the show organiser will have dedicated social media pages that will promote your products and services before the show, plus an event-specific hashtag that you can use on your own posts to appear in front of anyone searching.

It could also be worth considering Google Ads that appear when people type in the name of your exhibition. Especially before the exhibition, interested visitors will search for the show to plan their trip. If you appear, it could result in them remembering you at the show.

Trade publications have features before and after exhibitions, so it’s worth making sure you know who will be covering the show, and what they’re looking for in terms of stories. If your stand is featured before and after, it could be prompt a reader needs!


During show

Invitation-only sessions and demonstrations can create a buzz around your stand, giving people a reason to stop by at a particular time. These also give you something specific to talk about in the run up to your event, which will be a welcome change from other exhibitors’ product messages.

Exhibition stand design is incredibly important, as your stand needs to be both creative/professional in appearance, and communicate your message to people that might know nothing about you. We have a range of exhibition stand design templates that you can use to kick-start your creativity, that are all based on a modular system meaning you can re-use the stand again and again.

Give people a reason to stop. This is a tip gained from our 20 years of experience. People get tired, and people also get annoyed having to pay over the odds for bad coffee. By incorporating a place for people to pick up a cup of coffee, or maybe even have a sit down, it gives you the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation.


Post show

Email your leads the day after with an image of your stand. The day after your show, visitors are busy catching up on everything they missed while they were visiting you. It’s understandable, but you also have to do your best to remain front of mind. By sending a quick email that features an image of your stand, and a quick thank you for visiting, they know their interest has been registered and to expect a follow up. It might even drive visits to your website, that could give you even more reason to talk to them.

Extend the ‘demonstration’ invitation. People lost track of time at exhibitions, and can get stuck talking to people they originally hadn’t planned for. Reach out to them, letting them know the offer of a demo still stands.

And finally, head back onto social media and follow anyone you recognise from the show, or anyone that looks like they could display an interest in your products. This, combined with some follow up posts on the event hashtag, means you’ll be one of the most recent companies to appear.

Plus, with so much to do, the last thing you need is to worry about whether your stand has been packed and is out of the exhibition hall. We can take care of that for you, and store your stand until your next show. One less thing to worry about!

If you would like to get in touch regarding exhibition stand design & build services, we’d love to hear from you! Email us on, or phone 01932 854 140.