Product Display Ideas

Product display ideas can be hard to come by when a new season is approaching, or your new store is about to happen. Below we’ve put together some of the best product display ideas we’ve seen over the last few years, to serve as inspiration and also a reminder of what you can create when working with UK manufacturers such as ourselves.

December 2018

Studio Komo created an interesting product display for #ONE MORE STORY’s exhibition stand. They used the backdrop to create an area that was unmissable, using the colours on each of the mannequins on display to catch the eye.

This shows a unique approach to product display, where the backdrop os arguably more eye-catching than the products. However in doing this, visitors are drawn to the area resulting in more people seeing the products. An unusual, but effective application of graphics.

November 2018

The Sports Edit have opened a new concept designed by Design4Retail that blends different materials together beautifully - with untreated brickwork and unfinished wood alongside matt grey walls and powder coated modular frameworks.

We like how on each of the perimeter displays, there is a mesh topper that allows for the integration of branded graphics. This helps create clear segmentation throughout the store.

October 2018

Levi Lucky Fox.jpg

Levi’s are well known for their unique methods of product display, and their Tailor Shop launch in London was no exception. This area of the store featured a wealth of VM features - designed by the renowned Lucky Fox - such as natural finish wood crates and artificial grass.

It’s the structure that displays the products that we’re particularly interested in, however. The large lightbox-style graphics at the top of the display draw attention, especially thanks to their minimalist design. They’re surrounded by a matt-black modular framework that adds to the industrial-style aesthetic. This helps to contrast with the clothing.

Click here for more information on modular displays, or illuminated graphic displays.

September 2018

Gallery M MISSHA have created an effective product display by using a simple illuminated backdrop for their products. Using an LED Lightbox, which is emitting a bright white light, the products are highlighted and customers are drawn to the area.

This is particularly noticeable from the opposite side of the store, where the illuminated cubes create a level of intrigue, bringing customers further in store - which naturally means encountering other product areas. 


Stone Island have opened a new store in Tokyo, with a beautifully simple approach to product display. Using matte black profiles to create freestanding displays, the store retains its open nature - which looks incredibly effective with light surrounds on darker display units.

The same premise has been applied to Stone Island’s featured product display, but a different finish is applied to this section. Set against a black backdrop the profile system is finished in an untreated grey, with orange highlights. This shows how effective modular display systems can be with a little imagination.


Aesop’s incredible eye for product display continues in South Korea, with their simple display resulting in another elegant store design.

We particularly like the integration of LED Lightboxes into the product display, a first for the brand. The illuminated graphics help to highlight both the products, and draw attention to particular areas of the store, adding to the experience for customers.

Learn more about LED Lightboxes.

Permanent (built-in) product display ideas

Permanent retail displays are built directly into the merchandising options of a store, providing the framework for products to be displayed. There are many ways to interpret a store fixturing system, as we’ll explore in the examples below. 


Littlesmith’s appearance in Topshop takes a new approach to permanent product display. With a peg board merchandising system surrounding the perimeter of the store that allows Littlesmith to come up with new product display ideas and change them instantly. The beauty of this system is that it’s both original and functional, providing the opportunity to update displays and create custom ‘pegs’ that hold merchandise in unique ways.


Tate London has recently refurbished their store to complete their brand experience. As you would imagine with the Tate Modern, providing a holistic experience was essential throughout the entirety of the gallery. Following an extensive rebrand, Tate took a brilliant product display idea and turned it into an engaging retail area, with elements of the brand illuminated throughout the store. While this technically isn’t a product display idea, it provides a great example of how a business could categorise merchandise using illumination and branding. Learn more about how to achieve this with our LED lightboxes.


A.P.C’s flagship store features a product display idea that’s integral to the entire store. With surrounding product displays against a white backdrop, the central wooden display creates a landmark visual cue. The clever element of this product display idea is that while the wooden beams create a sense of privacy, by allowing some space to view product it invites customers into the area - which could potentially be filled with featured products.


Countertop Product Display Ideas

Countertop displays are often more functional than made for design - however, every now and again a unique product display idea pops up that questions whether we should change our mentality to counter displays. 



Take ‘By Josephine’ for example. Their minimalist cafe needed a product display that matched the aesthetic created by the rest of the store. Using a slim framework that was finished in unique colours - such as the copper finish we can see in the first, smaller cube, they display stood out from the rest of the store and provided a dedicated area for ‘By Josephines’ famed macarons. 


Again using contrasting materials to great effect, this concept for Laura’s Bakery provides us with a few product display ideas. Initially the untreated concrete counter, with imprinted logo looks incredible and also acts as a point of differentiation for the rest of the product displays. However, the counter top product displays look amazing in combination with the finish. By using different heights of display, the cafe makes it the main side of the display inviting for customers, whilst the black framework provides a visual cue.



Taking minimalism to the extreme, this countertop product display idea looks incredible. Integrating directly into the end of the counter, a full glass cabinet makes it easy for customers to see products without taking up valuable space elsewhere in-store.

Countertop displays come in a range of shapes and sizes, with many of them using types of modular system to configure a framework that can be created to custom sizes and finishes. Learn more about our modular frameworks here


Custom product display ideas

Custom fixtures are often temporary - designed to attract people to a featured product or brand over a specific period of time. This results in highly creative product display ideas, due to the attention-grabbing nature of the display. 


In terms of product display ideas, it doesn’t get more creative than Hunter’s takeover of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Retail Focus covered this in late 2017 here (, with Hunt display their range of waterproof gear for a particularly rainy winter in the big apple. What made it even more impressive is the greenhouse-style popup they created, with the huge Hunter logo illuminated to the side.


Hublot took a different approach, which is sure to inspire a few product display ideas. With black jewels cascading down from the ceiling, they created an heir of mystery surrounding their products - which in total were worth a cool $20m. We like the traditional approach to showcase and jewellery display within the display itself, mixed with the eye-catching glamour surrounding the outside. For more information on how we can help you with glass product showcases - get in touch. 


Finally, a unique approach to product display using simple white mdf with a creative design. While it’s not the most sophisticated, the display certain catches the eye and helps highlight the products inside.


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