Simple Exhibition Stand Ideas for Budget Conscious Businesses

If exhibitions and conferences are not really a feature in your marketing campaign, then there is a good chance that you are missing out on a vast pool of untapped and unexplored marketing potential. Worst still, there is every possibility that your competitors are gaining new business because you are not there.

If you haven't already realised it, trade shows and exhibitions are a truly important way in which you should be promoting your business and getting your brand out there in front of a captive audience. They are also a great way to not only meet those all essential potential new customers but also to increase your professional network. 


In order to start cultivating this untapped seam of potential customers, you will need to start going to conferences and exhibitions appropriate to your line of business, and this means you will need an exhibition stand. A simple exhibition stand can be just as effective when put together correctly, as a much larger one, but there are some things that you should take into consideration such as the type of stand you need. In order to understand this better, we will explore the benefits of having an exhibition stand and what types work well in terms of simple stands.

What are the benefits of a simple exhibition stand?

If you are looking to purchase your first exhibition stand, then you might feel that simple is the best way to go, at least to begin with. And, you may well be right. That doesn't, however, mean that you should be looking at a simple pop up banner; you want to purchase something that will offer you a little more. There are quite a few advantages to choosing a simple exhibition stand. In fact, even some of the larger companies who have huge exhibition stands will probably own a simple scaled down version as well.  


Simple exhibition stands tend to be a little smaller and will consist of a metal framework and graphics – most exhibition halls and conference centres can provide you with chairs and often a table, so there isn't necessarily the need to have these with you. This means that they will pack down into a smaller space.

This does tend to mean that if you are attending a conference with a colleague, you should be able to transport it, and any promotional material you need, in a couple of cars at the most. This will save you the cost of paying for transport there and back. 

A simple exhibition stand will also be relatively easy to put up as well; which if you have not had much experience of setting up at an exhibition can be something of a blessing. 

As your company message changes or your product range does you may want to change the graphics that you use as well, and this will mean having new graphics produced. With a simple stand this should be a relatively inexpensive process, The benefits of a simple exhibition stand are many. 

Demo points

When it comes to simple exhibition stands, pop up banners and simple stands are not the only options. Demo points are a clever concept that can really help to showcase your business.

This type of simple exhibition stand consists of a simple panel, which can be customised with graphics of your choice, and a table built into the panel.

The table provides an area for potential clients to look at your promotional material or for you to collect data. Should you wish, you can add a screen to the panel area so that you can show a video demonstration of your company products or even a promotional video. Tables can be made to a size that suits your needs, and you can even add suitable seating to complete a very functional space.

Demo points can be built with a single side and table or 2 sides screens and more table space to offer you two completely separate areas.

If you are looking for a simple yet incredibly effective exhibition stand that can really get you noticed, then this is a really great alternative. These demo points are simple to build, yet look much more complex, and can really give you an excellent platform for showcasing your company and your products.