Temporary Exhibition Stands

Temporary exhibition stands are used by businesses large and small to provide a flexible, cost-effective way to exhibit at trade shows.

Often these have comprised of low-quality pop up stands that last a short amount of time, however there’s no need for businesses to think that temporary exhibition stands should mean sacrificing quality. 

There are a range of ways to create a display, partition/walling system or graphic panel which can be assembled/disassembled quickly and easily, that also provides a high-quality finish and long-lasting solution for exhibitions.

Below, we’ll guide you through the types of temporary exhibition stand available, what the different structures can be used for, as well as providing some examples for you to use as a starting point.

Uses of temporary exhibition stands

Partitions and walling systems are a necessity at large exhibitions. Although you want to be at a show that has plenty of footfall, once a visitor steps onto your stand, partitions need to do a basic job of blocking some of the ambient noise, allowing your sales team to develop an enquiry. 

Walling systems can be created using modular profiles, which integrate both fabric graphics - to create lightweight partitions whilst dampening acoustics, and infill panels  - that are easily replaced with new prints.

Display panels usually surround the outside of an exhibition stand, communicating the main message a business wants to get across to visitors. Because of this, display panels are usually the largest part of an exhibition space, especially in terms of organisation and logistics.

By opting for fabric display panels, not only will you retain the aspects of a temporary exhibition stand you’re looking for, it will also be much easier to transport your graphics as every element of the kit breaks down.

The graphic quality on fabric display panels is also incredible, with high-quality images being directly printed onto a fabric, which means your design won’t rub off/scratch like traditional wear and tear.

Product Displays are an integral aspect of temporary exhibition stands. As your display requirements are likely to result in limited stand space, making the most of this to showcase products is essential. 

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to integrate your products into your display. The Magnetik system takes a Tension Fabric Lightbox, that is modular and completely flat pack, and combines it with an internal display system that magnetically attaches shelving & product display equipment. The entire system is ideal for businesses looking to stand out with limited space.

Examples of temporary exhibition stands

Exhibition Walling System

This exhibition stand has a curved ceiling-hung display and integrated walling system to provide meeting and storage space.

Temporary Display Stand

A great basic option for enhancing your visibility at a trade show, this modular stand kit is made using replaceable fabric graphics and a modular framework that’s incredibly easy to assemble.

Curved Exhibition Stand

This stand utilises curved profiles to create an eye-catching stand design, featuring integrated product shelving areas and a curved counter area.

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