Details you should always discuss with your stand manufacturer

Getting your exhibition stand just right can be an art as much as a science, so it's important to know what you should ask (and tell!) your manufacturer.

Here are some questions, queries, and points you can use to get the most from your experience.

The space

Plan your space correctly, and get as much detail from organisers as possible. If you can, know what space you will be working with ahead of time. Are you central to the room? Do you have a wall to work with? How many sides are open?

All of these factors will influence the nature and specifications of your exhibition stand.

We’ve worked with clients before that didn’t know their stand would be open on all sides, which obviously dramatically changes the composition of their stand design.

Set-up time

Knowing whether you are setting up days in advance or you have just half an hour to move to the next space is a must.

An hour or two could mean the difference between a lightweight tension fabric stand and more complex, bespoke stand design.

Product advice

It goes without saying that your product or service will dictate the kind of design and display you use.

It's always worth asking your manufacturer for suggestions, as there's a good chance they have produced stands for a large variety of customers and will know which ones were successful enough to come back.

In particular, it’s likely a display manufacturer will have new ways of showing your product off that you’d previously not thought about - such as LED Lightboxes. Working with them means you could get access to a new product that will wow visitors to your stand.

Impression numbers

Social media isn't the only place where you need to know numbers. Your demographic research should carry over to exhibitions too.

If you share a space that’s likely to experience heavy footfall with other exhibitions, see if there are any hints as to what they might be planning on their social media pages, or their website.

The idea here is to find out what look they’re going for, and to do something that will make your booth stand out.

It could also be that a popular spot like a cafe/seating area is in the vicinity of your stand, in which case you could go bolder and brighter to attract passersby, before the coffee and cake distracts them.

Your own design

We’ve saved one of the… ‘less-interesting’…tasks until last. By this point you’ll know what will be on display and what’s being planned for your stand. Now it’s time to get the specifics in terms of measurements to pass onto your stand designers.

It’s also worth noting that these details are going to be needed when it comes to healthy & safety, with risk assessments and the like required before you exhibit. They’re a necessity, so the earlier you get these, the better.

And finally, if you plan to use lighting at your exhibition, discuss this with your manufacturer before finalising your design, as the wrong combination could wash out your colours or change the overall aesthetic. Better yet, let us take care of it for you!