Tension Fabric Frames create graphic displays in an almost limitless range of sizes, that are incredibly easy to transport, install and replace. 

Using a versatile system of modular aluminium profiles that vary in depth, from 17mm to 135mm, you can create displays for applications that are freestanding, wall-mounted, ceiling-hung, and interlinked. What’s more, our tension fabric frames are incredibly easy to assemble using only one tool. 

The beauty of the Tension Fabric System is in the simple removal and insertion of graphics. Our Tension Fabric Frames have an integrated channel, which securely holds a silicon strip sewn to the edge of your printed graphic. When it’s time to update your display, simply pull the tab discreetly attached to the fabric, before pushing the silicon strip on your new graphic back into the channel. 

Tension fabric frames are the perfect choice for exhibition stands, event backdrops, retail and window displays, showrooms, receptions, wall graphics and large foyer spaces.

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Single Sided TFS

This is our most versatile graphic solution for wall-mounted displays. Robust enough to construct large graphic spans and at only 32mm profile depth is slim and elegant. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.41.27.png

Double Sided TFS

High impact, double-sided display tension fabric solution used to make walls and structures it is also capable of freestanding or being ceiling-hung.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.41.17.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.41.38.png

Curved TFS

Vertical and horizontal curves can be used to create dynamic walls, special features, archways, PODs and many other unique design solutions. Curved tension fabric profile can be both single or double sided.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.41.49.png

Micro TFS

Our slimmest tension fabric profile, measuring only 17mm deep. Macro tension fabric profile is ideal for wall-mounting where minimal frame visibility is desirable.



Creates seamless graphics corners both internally and externally. Fabric graphics run right up to corners without the need for a post. With 3D profile, you can create room sets, break-out areas, suspended cubes and a wide variety of other display solutions.


Your designs are printed onto tension fabric material using a process called dye sublimation, which means the colours within your design are embedded into the actual fibre of fabric. This results in a display that can’t be scratched or rubbed off, and will stand up to the pressure of those quick exhibition tear-downs or crowded retail spaces.

Fabric graphics are the perfect choice for displays that are likely to change, as their lightweight nature means they’re easy to store and transport - even for the largest of displays. 

As with many services, depending on the supplier you go to for tension fabric graphics, quality can fluctuate. Our 20+ years of experience means we have great relationships with top quality printers of graphics for tension fabric frames, and by offering our clients dedicated print management, we ensure consistency across every graphic while making the process of updating displays more streamlined.